Social Media Marketing Tips and Tricks - Linkedin Marketing Tip 1

"You Close The Sales. We'll Generate The Leads"

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Did you know that Linkedin is the Number 1 site for getting NEW Clients & Customers for many small businesses? If you’re not leveraging it in your business’s Linkedin marketing plan and strategy, you’re missing out BIG TIME!  Why you ask?


Well here are a few tips about some of the benefits of Linkedin Marketing for Small Business:

  • It’s Excellent for Lead Generation and empowers you to contact people in key positions within companies with the mere click of a button. It’s the number one B2B social networking site and the best one for lead generation over Facebook and Twitter.



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  • Linkedin for business to business marketing is a very effective way to reach the decision makers in your target market. You could never reach these leads though cold calling yet you can easily direct message them on Linkedin! You could never reach them though cold calling yet you can easily direct message them on Linkedin!

  • More than 80% of LinkedIn members are the decision makers in an area of business.

  • The Average LinkedIn user’s household income is $109,000! These mean that your ‘Ideal Clients’ are there waiting for you!

  • Linkedin has close to 300 million users and adds over 170,000 new members per day.

  • It’s the BEST for setting up new Referral Partners, Strategic Partners and Sponsors! –These are the foundation of any successful referral marketing campaign.

  • Want FREE media coverage for your business? Linkedin is one of the easiest ways to connect with reporters and journalists in your industry and get FREE publicity.

  • It Helps to Promote Your Brand – You can use it to promote your business’s brand to people, customers and companies around the globe for free. Linkedin marketing is leveraged at both Stage 2 and Stage 5 of the Customer Buying Cycle to move prospects along the buying cycle to separate yourself from your competition and induce prospects to ultimately buy from you.

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  • You can Test Out New Services, Products and Marketing Strategies – You can easily collect feedback and comments on your ideas from your connections on Linkedin.

  • You can generate new clients & customers locally, nationally and internationally every day for FREE!

Bottom line Linkedin marketing generates high quality leads and prospective clients to help you grow your business even investing just an hour a day!



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