Social Media Marketing Tips and Tricks - Linkedin Marketing Tip 2

"You Close The Sales. We'll Generate The Leads"

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Before you start marketing your business on Linkedin, you have to first establish what your specific goals are for your Linkedin marketing campaign. Though Linkedin is the number 1 site for generating leads for many small businesses, without having clearly defined goals and strategy about what you can realistically accomplish on Linkedin, you’ll get little to no results.


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So here are some of the most effective goals for your business to have on Linkedin:


1) Get More Clients and Customers – this is the most obvious. Yet starting here makes you determine HOW you’re going to get these clients and customers. Are you going to generate prospects by offering them a FREE consultation, a FREE eBook or video download, a FREE webinar, etc.. Then what? Will you then get them on the phone to talk some more? Invite them to your office? Send them a link to one of your product pages? Answer these questions first.



2) Referral Partners - are other business owners, business professionals and people that refer prospective clients and customers to you. Referral Partners can be your existing clients, colleagues, competitors and anyone that you can refer business to and vice versa (you feed each other).


One good referral partner can send you 10 – 30 clients per year or more! Imagine having 50 referral partners, each sending you just 6 referrals per year. That’s 300 referrals per year that you get. Almost one for every day of the year!

Also, referral partners access their ENTIRE Linkedin network, Facebook, Twitter and any other sites they’re on to send you clients that you could never get on your own. They are a POWERFUL referral generating tool to build your company with.

3) Sponsors – are organizations, businesses and people that will pay you to promote them to your clients & customers. They are companies that are interested in doing joint marketing ventures with you. They’ll buy ad space in your company email newsletter, an infomercial during your webinars, tele-seminars, podcasts or online videos, during your ‘in person’ seminars and more. They are on Linkedin and waiting to hear your proposal!

4) The Media – journalists and reporters are great connections for getting FREE media, or publicity, coverage for your business, events or cause. They’re always searching for a good story. It’s their job after all. Help them so they can in turn also help you. Let them know what you’re expertise is in and that you’re there as a resource for them.


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5) Strategic Business Alliances – These include any other contacts (affiliates, resellers, suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, etc.) that could benefit your organization. Everything AND everyone that you need to grow your business is right there on Linkedin just waiting for you to reach out and start building a meaningful dialogue with them.



Now that you have your specific goals defined, get on Linkedin and start GROWING your business!



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