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How to Get people to share your blog posts on facebook. That’s what we’ll answer
in today’s video.


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Hi, I’m Dillon with Social Media Top Team.

We help business owners grow their business to the next level by leveraging social media, internet and high performance marketing strategies.

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Let’s get right to today’s social networking tips and tricks for small business marketing. You’ve heard about how a lot of other companies make a lot of money on facebook and everyone’s telling you it’s all about having great content and promoting it through social media. You’ve already promoted your great article or blog post to your own social network. Now you want to tap into OTHER PEOPLES social networks! Then maybe your great blog post, article or video can go viral!

Yet how do you do it? How do you get people…that you don’t even know…to share your great content with all your facebook connections?
Let’s take a closer look.

One of the simplest ways of getting people to share your post on facebook is using the facebook like and share buttons. Why? Well whenever someone “Likes or shares” your webpage or your Facebook page, that action is visible to all of that person’s social network.

So think about it, if someone with 500 friends likes or shares your page, their action will be shared with all their friends and your page will reach 500 more people instantly and for FREE! Better yet, if a very influential member on Facebook likes your page, you can start getting a lot more likes in a matter of minutes!

Why?  Because People always like to check out something that their friend, or someone they really respect, actually likes. This is the essence of viral marketing.

Alright, so Setting up a Facebook Like and share button is easy when you know how. Once you’ve learned this simple trick, you can put it into all of your posts, videos and webpages.

Login to your facebook account if you haven’t done so already. And the next you're gonna do a search for ‘Facebook Like button’ that what were gonna do now we're gonna type in there, google search. And you see what comes up here is the developer's page. And you're gonna click on that. Now, once you're here, go up and save this page in your favorites 'cause you're gonna need that, gonna use this page with every new article or blog post or anything that you make.

So here's what we do. Like I say right here, the Like Button is the quickest way for people to share content with their friends. A single click on the like button will like pieces of content on the web and share them  on Facebook. We can also display your share button next to the like button to let people add a personal message and customize who they share with.

So this is how simple it is. First of all, you have to, whatever URL that you want to like or you want people to like and share,you wanna go grab that. So we're gonna go here to one of our blogs, Top Team Blog, it's a blog post we did on inbound marketing and outbound marketing.

And we're gonna grab the URL from the top of the screen. We're gonna hop bag over here. And so right here it says url to like, we're gonna take out this facebook url and we're gonna put the url of the article. Now,, for the width it already has a default width for the pixels. Look at the buttons down here. You see it has a Like and a Share. So, let's just put plugins in different numbers and you see you can customize it and you can read over this page and you'll see different ways you see how kinda changes and everything. So you can change it around, even change your colors, you can even change your layout. So let's take a look at this. You change from standard to box count, you see the changes. Now go through button count and theres little button count. Let's take a look at share button. Then we'll say Ok..just a button! So different things you can do to change it around.

One thing you know, is you can also something preferred changing the like to say recommend.  You see the button now it says recommend instead of like. And it's purely preference, you can switch it up. Sometimes putting like instead of recommend. It's best to include both the like and share button. We're gonna show you why in a moment. So there it is.,just the like and share button and there's our url and actually we're gonna include the box count, or maybe the button count...yeah do the button count! And so, if this is the way you like it, again if you want to make changes there other things you can do down here to change the button around. .you're gonna keep it simple though, there it is BAM!

And all you do now is click here..which is get code!! and it brings up the code. Oh my goodness, what is all this stuff! I don’t know, don’t be afraid, just go up here...for most of you just click on iframe and then there's the code. So what we're gonna do, is copy that code, and now that we  have this code copy, remember our article? We're gonna log in to your blog or your the editor. You see this is the same article. The inbound outbound marketing. We're gonna put the Facebook Like Box, Like and Share box at the bottom of the article. So we're gonna space down a bit. And what we're gonna do is, see here says compose, and says HTML. Your blog could be the same way just click on the html setting. Like so, click down here at the very bottom. And then you just paste in the code! Taaadaahh!! Go back and click on compose..hopefully this works! just keep our finger's crossed. Let's see, what happen, oh my goodness..there it is! The facebook like and share. We're just gonna change the alignment. See here, you may center it.., there you go. There it is, the facebook like and share button, pretty simple right?

Now let's update this. And see how it looks...on our article. It's taking sweet time..there you go! Just update the article and see how it turned out. So here it is, the blog post, top team's blog post! What grows your business best inbound marketing or outbound marketing and BAMMM!! There it is at the very bottom. The Facebook like and Share button.

So now let's see what happens when someone else actually read your blog post and likes and shares your articles with their social network. So they go right here and they click the like button..and POW!!! it's liked! And instantly that like is communicated to all other social network then they come over here and they click share...look at this! It opens up another window. And it auto-populates what the meta data or the information from the page. You see there's the actual title to the article: What grows your business best inbound or outbound marketing. They can choose to share this on their timeline, on their friends timeline, share in a group that they are part of, it can really go viral. it can share on the page that they manage or they can even send in a private message. We'll go right now on share on your timeline. and you can even make a comment about this. Say, wow! This is a great friggin' article and then all they do is click on share link. And Pow!!! there it is.

So let's see what it looks like when they actually post on their facebook page. You see right here, as they share it the number increases. So every time someone shares it you know that number increases next to it. So, let's go into our facebook page, we'll take a look what it looks like once they actually like and share it. And here we go. There it is.  it says wow! this is a great friggin article. And there's the title Top team blog what grows your business best inbound and outbound marketing and all of her connections actually now sees this 'cause it populates in their timeline..and said hey! she likes this i have to go check this out,. and that’s how it works.

So it's pretty sweet and remember it's free and it spreads your great article your blog post your video viral.

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I’m Dillon Wilson with Social Media Top Team. Don’t miss our next video when we cover another social media tips and tricks for small business marketing - 'How To Use Goole Plus For Your Business's Seo'. See you next video!

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