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How To Use Google Plus For your Business’s Seo. That’s what we’ll answer in today’s video.


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Hi, I’m Dillon with Social Media Top Team.

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Ok, let’s get right to today’s social media marketing tips for small business marketing. You’ve heard how about a lot of other businesses are leveraging google plus to make a lot of money and everyone’s telling you it’s all about having great content and promoting it through social media. You’ve already promoted your great article or blog post to your own social network. Now you want to tap into the social network to OTHER PEOPLE and then your great article or blog post or video can go viral!

Yet how do you do it? How do you get people that you don’t even know…to promote your great content to all their google plus connections and boost your businesses seo?

Let’s find out now.

One of the simplest ways of getting people to share your post on Google plus is using the Google+1 button. Why? Well whenever someone plus ones your post or webpage, that action is visible to all of that person’s google plus social network.

The google plus one is a recommendation button similar to the Facebook Like button. Both of them show friends that recommended your post.

So think about it, if someone with 500 friends plus ones your page, their action will be shared with all their friends and your page will reach 500 more people instantly and for FREE! Why?  Because People always like to check out something that their friend, or someone they really respect, actually likes. This is the essence of viral marketing.

Alright, so Setting up a google +1 button’ button is easy when you know how. Once you’ve learned this simple trick, you can put it into all of your posts, videos and webpages.

So what you gonna do is you gonna do a search for ‘google +1 button’...let me click on google search and you see the developer's page comes up, you wanna click on the developer’s page. When we get there we want to save this in our favorites. So add that to your favorites so this way you can come back to it easily in the future and use it to get the code for your future blog post.

Now, you’re not gonna believe how simple this is to do. So you see right here, here is the google +1 button and right here for you to customize. Click on size, small and you see now it's very tiny. You can click on medium and you see it got a little bigger. Click on standard, and click on tall you see how changes around.

Now there are other ways that you can customize the button you can read down this page and all sort of things that you can do. Give you different examples on how it can look, yet if just wanna keep it simple, just keep it the way it is right here.

Right here is the annotation where you can change this around and make it now bubble. You see how the bubble there is now there has a number of people has plus oned. Or you can have none and it makes it very tiny. Or again leave it inline entirely up to you. ALso if you want, you can also change the language that it displays in. For this example we'll just leave it in English. We're gonna take extra to the bubble, i'm feeling like a risk taker today so  we're gonna do the bubble. And once you have that, all you do is come here and you copy the code.

Now, what we're gonna do is we're gonna put this in an article that we do before in one of our blogs. What grows your business best, inbound marketing Outbound marketing and we're gonna scroll and we're gonna put that down here in the bottom. You see nothing is right here now.

We're gonna go in to the editor or go to the bottom of that article, and we're going to go to here where it says HTML. Again don't freak out. You just gonna go paste the code in here at the bottom of the article. Let's all see it ties all together in a moment. And let's go back right up here. Don't do anything else.  And just click back to compose, and then there's nothing there! Oh my goodness! Oh what happen? Let's just click update, hopefully things will work out. Hopefully! Hopefully we did this correctly.

Alright and let's get here and we're going to update the page and see what happen and there it is!!! The google plus one button. And that's how simple it is! That's all you do.

Ok now let’s see what happens when someone else actually reads your blog post and plus ones your article with their social network.

Right here, it says what is it it's a great article! I can't believe it i learned so much about inbound marketing outbound marketing. I'm going to google plus one. That's amazing article. and Bammm! Look at that. You see first of all, the number where we chose the bubble so the moment we plus one the count has begun. And the 1 appears above it. Right here the META information from the page auto populates.  That's the actual title of your article will appear there 'What grows your business best, inbound marketing outbound marketing' as well as the link. As an add to it you can put a comment too! And you can say something like 'You've got read this ground breaking post' or grond breaking post, we go for ground. 'You've got read this ground breaking post' and then, they can click share if they want they can also email to their circles. We'll do that too. They can add more people. See where it goes, your public,  your circles, extended circles.

All these different networks, this one little button spreads its article to potentially hundreds thousands of connections all for free and they could share. And once they click share, that's it! It's done! That's simple! And of course here's what happens. Now their friends and connections see this post in their feed and they click on the link and they read your article your great post and they go right to the button. You know they already own google plus because they found out your article and they do the same thing. So you start seeing this numbers, this numbers started to add up.

Now for your businesses SEO, the search engines actually measure the number of plus ones (+1s), tweets, shares, Likes or social events per day, per hour, or even per minute that you’re getting. Google and Bing measure these for purposes of identifying news. Search engines even track your average performance in this area over time. This is how this plus ones, tweets and share and all other social signals tie into your business' SEO campaign.

So now you have a better idea of one simple way to use google plus for business’s seo by getting your blog posts google plus oned.

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