Social Media Marketing Tips and Tricks - What is Facebook's 5 Star Ratings System and How To Remove It?

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What is Facebook's 5 Star Ratings System and How To Remove It? That’s what we’ll answer in today’s video.


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Hi, I’m Dillon with Social Media Top Team. We help business owners grow their business to the next level by leveraging social media, email and high performance marketing strategies.

Ok, let’s take a look at Facebook's five-star ratings system is and how to remove it.

If you haven’t looked at your Facebook business page lately, there’s a new feature displaying at the top. A 5 star ratings system. Facebook is testing out a five-star rating system that allows users to evaluate your business. They are trying apparently to go after the yelp reviews market.

In an ideal world, this could be great for your business if all of your reviews are 4 and 5 stars and you don’t have any backstabbing competitors. Then your potential and existing customers would be able to view your Facebook page and assess your business based on your positive, quality reviews and customer engagement instead of the actual quantity of your fans. So it could be a wonderful development.

So should you be concerned? Heck yes!!!

Why? Because you have no control over this process. The stars are right at the top of the page right underneath your company name. See? So you can't miss it. And who knows if Facebook will stop there? They could end up being pulled into the Like Box on your website or any other place where you're promoting your page through embedded content.

If you get all great reviews forever and ever, then you’ll be fine. However, if you don’t, or more to the point…your competitors decide to give your Facebook business page a 1 star rating, your online reputation will be destroyed in an instant! And not only with your potential customers you got with your business yet also with your existing customers that are following your facebook business page. And there is no way to delete the facebook star ratings or appeal them to facebook. Facebook already started losing advertisers as a result of this.

This is why we always advise our clients NEVER to become too dependent or too leveraged into any social networking site that you don’t personally own. Your focus should be on things like this on building up your “owned media”. Owned media is that which you control like your blogs, online forums marketing, your social networking site that you have custom built for you, your online video marketing and more. So, here's an example of blog. That's the kind of stuff you always wanna focus on building up not another company's page that they're letting use.

Now we're gonna take a look at how people use the facebook five star rating system to rate your business’s facebook page. How they actually go about doing it.

Facebook's Business Page Five Star Ratings System is as easy as one click of a button. Let me scroll down here a bit. There’s actually no requirement that the person is or ever was one of your clients. It literally could be ANYONE. So you see what happens, they come down right here and there's a box that says reviews. They scroll over like this, and they see number of stars, type a little message and then they click on review. And that's it. Now, we're gonna over to our Facebook page. We already have message in there and we choose 5 stars and then we'll click. Voila we’ve just been rated.

Here the thing. Due to Facebook's privacy settings, you can't even see who reviewed you. That says we just personally reviewed them we can see the post yet you with your business page will not see this person's name. So you have no idea who just reviewed you. All it takes is for one disgruntled ex-employee, or 1 dissatisfied client of out of 100 happy clients or even just one competitor, to give you a low rating and then wham! You’re facebook AND online reputation are ruined. Worse yet, let take a look at this..look at that, we just got the 5 star rating, so worse yet even if you get all 5 star ratings, only 3.5 to 4 stars will display. Another facebook glitch. And this is amazing because look in our page we have nothing except client video reviews, these from our actual clients. So we know that our clients did not review us and give us any type of a negative rating, it's your competitors! We have companies like to see coming here too post in your page. They can be competitors, some of them can give you a low rating. Because they're jealous. You'd be surprise now that people do because you know you're gonna way with it.

Now we just log in to our account. And you can see the review that was just left into our page. This post maybe public and we're in the admin area of our facebook page and so we can see this one. As you see, it's the only review that's there. Watch this. See? There's no other reviews, nothing hidden by admin. No hidden reviews. Go back t public. That is the only review in our page and you see these 5 stars. Now, look up here..this plain 2.5 stars, so what the heck is going on? Based on the rating of our stars, you know we are not looking too good! 2.5 stars even you know the only rating we have is the 5 star rating. Absolutely amazing!

The thing is what can you do to protect yourself and remove the Facebook's Business Page Five Star Ratings System?

Well, since this feature is still new, we don’t know yet if the facebook star rating is going to be optional or standard. If it’s standard, facebook is going to lose A LOT of advertisers. And you’ll hear even more business saying that they can’t stand facebook just like they complain about yelp.

So you have 2 solution options:

One, you’d have to get a bunch of your customers to leave positive reviews to offset any negative reviews from your competitors, ex employees, unhappy clients, etc. And you see what happens, even if you get all 5 stars doesn't even guarantee that you'll gonna get 5 stars up here.

Or the second thing is, remove the Facebook's star ratings system altogether. And that's the most practical way. Here’s how we actually do that. First you could do is go to your business page. Notice the map right here. Just pay attention to this map. Ok, next we're gonna do is we're go to the “About” section, click on “about” here and once you're here click on “Edit.” Then you're gonna find your address, go to your cursor here and click “Edit.” You see the map coming up. This little boxes will show this map on your page and enable check-ins. For someone to be able to believe your review, they have to first checking it. So we wanna uncheck that and as it says “people will no be longer check in to you place” And you wanna click on “Save Changes”. Once you've done that, we wanna go back and view the page and we want to see, let's see here and look at that. Right there, Facebook five star ratings system is removed.Yet so is your MAP! SO you have to lose a feature that you like to get rid of a feature that you don’t like.

Why doesn’t facebook simply do a survey of businesses to determine what they implement next instead of just forcing things on us? Doesn’t that make more sense?

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