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Of Course You’ve Heard Of Content Marketing. But Have You Heard Of SUPERIOR Content Marketing?


Why content marketing and what is it? Well you already know that you’ve got to update your blogs, facebook page, twitter page, Google+, etc. on a regular basis. Posting stuff on these sites is simple enough. But coming up with relevant, engaging and compelling content on a weekly or daily basis, can cause you to pull all of your hair out! You’re not the first business owner or marketer to feel the pressure of having to come up with ‘something good’ for this week’s posts.

Enter content marketing. Content marketing’s purpose is to attract and retain customers by consistently creating relevant and valuable content with the intention of changing consumer behavior so that they ultimately buy from you…Over and over again.

It is the art of communicating with your customers and prospects without selling. It is non-interruption marketing. Instead of pitching your products or services, you are EMPOWERING your buyers with precise education. This precise education helps them make the best buying decision possible and motivates them to buy from you.

How A New Kind Of Content Marketing Strategy Greatly Improves Your Lead Generation AND Conversions

Yet there’s a difference between content and SUPERIOR CONTENT. Many content marketing companies provide content that is non-compelling, uninteresting, bland yet does qualify as ‘filler material’ to be used in your facebook posts. With Social Media Top Team’s SUPERIOR Content marketing solutions, you get TOP caliber content that’s guaranteed to get your fans, potential and existing customers to ‘like, share and comment’ on your posts and keep them engaged week after week.

SUPERIOR Content marketing is its own reward. And that reward is INCREASED SALES! Check out some of our content marketing solutions below:

Online Video Production & Marketing

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See how you can easily and cost effectively leverage online videos to generate more sales leads, improve your sales conversions and shorten your sales cycles across the board! Click here


'TV News Show' Interviews for Your Business

Discover the lead generating and converting POWER of getting your business interviewed on a 'TV News Show'! Click here


Put this powerful audio content strategy to work for your business to generate leads and convert prospects into paying customers. Click here

Article & Blog Post Writing

Learn how to provide the ‘jet fuel’ for your social media and email marketing campaigns. Click here


eBooks, Reports & White Papers

Discover how to leverage these POWERFUL Conversion tools in your marketing and sales. Click here


eCourse Design

See how to leverage this amazingly simple, LARGE VOLUME relationship nurturing (lead nurturing) Conversion tool in your marketing and sa

les. Click here


Infographics Design Services

Learn how to leverage this unique marketing strategy into your business and turbo-charge your social media lead generation campaigns. Click here


The ‘Magnetize Your Marketing’ Copywriting System

Learn how improving the writing of your copy can increase your response rate by 3,000% or more! Click here

We may be located in Los Angeles, yet we have happy customers nationwide!

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