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For the last several years EVERYONE’S been rushing to market themselves on the internet and have been eliminating their focus on print advertising. Social media this…SEO that. Many even say that print is dead! There’s little question that the number of readers of print media has declined, due to advancement in technology. With a plethora of free content available for people on the Internet, readers of newspapers, magazines, journals, etc. have chosen to seek out other ways of finding information.

This has left an AMAZING ‘market vacuum’ for you to capitalize on! Not just LOCAL print advertising yet also national advertising opportunities are available to you now with MUCH, MUCH less competition! Our clients have been taking advantage of this opportunity with amazing results!

To determine whether print media advertising will work for your business is largely dictated by your target customer demographic. For example:

  • Young consumers who grew up without exposure to print media are less likely to read print than the older generation who grew up with print media. Taking out an ad for a technology product in a newspaper is less likely to be as effective than taking out the same ad on a technology website.
  • If your target customer demographic is over 30-35, you would benefit from ads in newspapers, magazines, journals, etc.. Magazines, because of their highly targeted marketing and appeal in print, are still an excellent way to reach this target market. This also includes mobile tablet users who still read their favorite magazines on their mobile tablet. Though most people still prefer to read them in paper versions.

Something You Should Know About Targeted Print Advertisingprint ads

Targeted print advertising is ‘laser focused’ on a very specific customer demographic, which means your ad will reach plenty of potential customers who are more likely to be interested in your products and services. Especially when it comes to magazines, you are placing your marketing message and special offer, in front of people interested enough in that specific topic to purchase a magazine about it. Finally, researches at Penn State University conducted a test to determine whether online ads or print advertisements were more memorable. The researchers concluded that print ads stuck with readers far more than online ads!

Social Media Top Team handles your entire print marketing campaign from start to finish:

  • We help you to determine your print advertising strategy
  • We help you determine which print mediums most effectively target your potential customers,
  • We design your ‘Results Getting’ ad with our ‘Magnetize Your Marketing’ copywriting system to generate the MAXIMUM number of leads calling you, visiting your website or Lead Conversion Pages.
  • We implement QR codes and coupon codes into your ads to make it easier to track your results, for social media sharing and leveraging mobile devices and mobile tablet customers.
  • We even contact the print media companies and submit your ads to them according to their design specifications
  • We even pay for your campaigns for you!

So What’s The Investment?

Social Media Top Team’s targeted print advertising solutions are based on your print advertising strategy, goals, budget, etc.. So we would have to determine these things first, to give you an accurate quote. Yet to give you some idea of the pricing:


To design a small magazine style ad, starts at only $25!

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