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Video SEO

[WATCH VIDEO] We produce your ‘High Response’ video ads and rank them on Page 1 Of Google within 90 days for your keywords…Or you don’t pay! New sales leads searching for your services, see your video ads DOMINATNG the page over all the other companies. They then call you from the videos or visit your website and then call you. UNLIMITED sale leads are generated for your business each month for one low flat rate. Your COMPETITORS aren’t using this…yet!

Packages starting from only $75

'Page 1 POWER' Website SEO

Our SEO Results are PROVEN for your industry! We optimize and promote your website to get THE BEST rankings in the search engines, in teh sortest amount of time, to generate new internet sales leads for you on a CONSISTENT basis. UNLIMITED sales leads are generated for your business each month for one low flat rate.

Packages starting at just $599


'High ROI' Pay Per Click

Why pay a lead company $65 or more for an internet lead, when we can generate Your Own EXCLUSIVE internet leads for mere pennies on the dollar?  Our PROVEN Pay Per Click strategy gets NEW leads filling out online forms for you to contact them or gets them to call you directly.

Packages starting at only $150


Social Media Marketing ‘Customer Generation’

Your customers are on Yelp, Facebook, twitter, Foursquare, etc.. Yet you don’t have the time or EXPERTISE to do it yourself. Let the TOP TEAM of social media handle your social media marketing and generate new sales leads and repeat business for you from your social media marketing. We handle everything for you from 'A' to 'Z'.

Packages starting at just $79

'SMART' Mail

A Challenge To Business Owners Who Would Never Dream Of Using Direct Mail

Direct Mail Marketing is obsolete…and now ‘SMART’ Mail rules! We have a patented ‘SMART’ Mail marketing program, designed specifically for your industry, that’s a PROVEN performer. We leverage 'High Interest' mailers, QR codes, social media, lead conversion pages and email marketing to get new sales leads for your business. And our process is entirely automated! You get a highly targeted, completely hands free lead generation system.

Packages starting at only $249


Marketing Automation

Automate your lead nurturing process and increase your closing ratios. Sales reps and most companies are notoriously BAD at ‘following up’ with leads and prospects. Marketing Automation takes the bulk of ‘following up’ out of the sales reps hands. It makes use of email, lead conversion pages (landing pages), direct mail, lead scoring, trigger marketing and more. This is what ‘The Big Boys’ are using and for good reason. Your sales conversion ratios go through the roof!


Packages starting at just $19/mo

Email Newsletter Marketing

Email newsletter marketing is UNBEATEN for driving in repeat business and referrals for your company. It’s the work horse for cross-selling additional products and services to both existing customers and ‘yet to be closed’ leads.

Yet most companies don’t have the time, interest or expertise to launch and sustain a successful email newsletter each month/week. We handle EVERYTHING or you: from designing your email campaign, crafting ‘High Interest’ content for your subscribers, designing your ads and special offers to sell your additional products and services; actually sending out your email newsletters tracking the results and making improvements to optimize your sales, managing subscribers and unsubscribers from your list and more.

A PROVEN PERFORMER when executed properly!

Packages starting at just $129/mo


Discount Radio Advertising

Radio is a powerful lead generation medium that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. You reach your customers and new sales leads when they are driving, sitting in their office or walking around their house. They hear your ad and call you or go to your website first and then call you. And the investmetsn will surprise you. You get amazingly discounted radio ad spots. (For example: a popular FM radio station's regular price per spot is $1,100. Our price is only $100!).

Just let us know who you want to target and we can prepare a schedule that perfectly targets your ideal demographic, during morning or evening drive time, to maximize your results. How do we get such low pricing? Because we buy last minute discount, UNCLAIMED radio spot inventory from radio stations throughout the US. We then pass the savings on to you. We get radio spots on popular stations that usually charge over $1,000 per spot for as low as $50!

Bonus: We produce your ‘Read Through' radio ad for free (custom projects are extra).


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