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Teleseminar marketing is an amazingly powerful Customer Conversion tool for both small business owners and professionals. They have a high perceived value to potential customers yet a low fulfillment cost. They provide great content that is easily repurposed into informational products for all of your social media. They’re also very effective for leveraging into all 3 Conversion Stages in Your Business’s ‘Revenue Channel. Especially for perpetual selling strategies to your existing customers.

So what is a teleseminar? Teleseminars are similar to traditional seminars, in content and purpose, yet they’re given over a teleconference or bridgeline rather than at a specific location. They’re used to provide information, training or promote/ sell products and services to a group of people interested in a particular topic.

They empower you to teach/train many participants at once, rather than one on one. They also eliminate the need for travel, expensive preparation and presentation material costs. These factors make teleseminars an amazingly POWERFUL, very cost effective marketing tactic for growing your business.

Social Media Top Team has coached, trained and conducted literally hundreds of teleseminars for clients over the years. Our clients have used them to grow their businesses in a variety of ways including:

  • Teleseminars (educating prospects how to use their services or products most effectively)
  • Teleworkshops (explaining how to use software, tools, etc.)
  • Teleclasses
  • Tele-courses (distance learning for CE credits - 8 classes total)
  • Telesummit (3 to 5 day sessions with a different guest speaker for each session)
  • Group coaching sessions
  • Group counseling sessions
  • Tele-Networking Events (association members discuss various topics in a teleforum)
  • Social Cause Promotion for Nonprofits (educate supporters more on the cause and how they can get more involved)
  • And much more!

Imagine You…Holding A TeleSeminar Audience Spellbound For 30 Minutes!

Social Media Top Team helps you leverage this powerful marketing tactic with our customized teleseminar marketing solutions:

1. We coach you and help you design your teleseminar strategy (including setting up any joint venture partnerships), your actual script & content (what you’ll be teaching and talking about), set up and use the various features of your teleseminar platform (bridgeline).

2. We handle your post production. We edit out all of the ‘umms’, ahhs’, ‘uhhs’, hisses, pops and crackles, your mistakes, sipping coffee, chimes, etc.

3. We insert your sponsor’s commercials

4. We insert royalty free music

5. We provide your completed teleseminar as an mp3 file for posting on your blog, website and iTunes store

6. We burn your teleseminar to CDs and mail them to you, so you can send them to your clients

7. We design your custom CD covers to be applied to your CD Roms

8. We provide complete transcripts of your teleseminar

9. We convert your transcript into an ebook and/or an article

10. We design your teleseminar promotional lead conversion pages

11. We design your email autoresponder custom template for people that sign up on your lead conversion pages

12. We market and generate leads for your teleseminar

Many of our clients are surprised to experience a 300% increase, or more, in customer conversions and repeat purchases!


So What’s The Investment?


Social Media Top Team’s teleseminar marketing solutions vary based on what you want and what your needs are. Yet to give you some idea, Social Media Top Team's teleseminar marketing services start at:


For editing a (1) hour teleseminar, inserting your intro, outro and inserting royalty free musicit’s only $50!

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