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How A New Kind Of Telemarketing Script Design Can Improve Your Tele-Sales and Appointment Setting Results By 300% Or More!

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Many business owners try using telemarketing to grow their business. Yet in many cases, the results they get are nowhere near where they’d like them to be. High percentages of hang ups and low conversion ratios constantly haunt their telemarketing campaigns. Just like a poor prospect list or under-trained telemarketers, a poorly designed, underdeveloped, underleveraged telemarketing script can doom your campaign from ever succeeding.

If you’re a business owner, or marketer, that uses telemarketing; employs a telemarketing team or needs to improve your current telemarketing results, the PERFECT Telemarketing script can MAKE ALL OF THE DIFFERENCE!

Social Media Top Team understands that telephone sales use different techniques and skills than other types of sales. Whether you want to generate sales leads, set appointments, close sales, perform surveys, gather market intelligence or penetrate new markets, we design a High Conversion telemarketing script for you that DRIVES RESULTS!

Your High Conversion telemarketing script is written using our patented ‘Magnetize Your Marketing’ copywriting system. It will ‘Grab & Hold’ your prospects, stop them in their tracks, change their entire world and make them focus purely on your marketing message. Unlike other script writing companies that simply write your telemarketing script based on your brochures and technical documentation, we actually design your scripts ‘from scratch’. This includes designing what many call ‘Objections & Rebuttals’, yet what we call ‘Concerns & Solutions’. We also write in your upsells and cross-sells. We then call up some of your lead list, test out and perfect your High Conversion telemarketing scripts on actual live calls! Who else even does this?


The Ultimate In Telemarketing Script Design!

When you get your completed High Conversion telemarketing script, it will have been thoroughly tested and proven out from start to finish. We even send it you in word format, so that your telemarketers can personalize the scripts to their own individual personalities and style. Your High Conversion telemarketing script will be your own personal ‘money printer’. The more it’s used, the more money it ‘prints’ for you!

Social Media Top Team’s High Conversion telemarketing scripts, give your telemarketing team a strong competitive edge and greatly increases your telemarketing ROI (Return On Investment).


So How Much Is The Investment?


Unlike other companies that charge anywhere from $500 to $1,000 or more, Social Media Top Team’s High Conversion telemarketing script solutions, include helping you design your calling strategy, writing your High Conversion telemarketing script and even 1 hour of calling on your script to prove it out.

You get all of this starting at just $299!


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