"You Close The Sales. We'll Generate The Leads"

‘Magnetize Your Marketing’ Is The Solution To INCREASING Your Lead Generation And Conversion Results By 1,000% Or More!

The Magnetize Your Marketing method is about getting you BETTER results and making you more money with LESS TIME, THE SAME CAPITAL AND LESS EFFORT than you're already doing. It's the systematic approach to making prospects want to listen to what you have to offer by presenting a compelling case for your product or service.


Then it systematically, consistently and cost effectively communicates ‘magnetized messages’ in a way that your prospective customers will quickly understand and REMEMBER.


You read correctly, you have to build a case for your business like an attorney would! Because your business is on trial. It’s a life or death sentence and your prospective customer is the judge, jury and executioner! If you win your argument…you win the customer. If you lose the argument, you’re dead to the customer (very true!).


So what is a "magnetized message" you ask? It's a message that connects powerfully with your prospects, causes you to stand out from your competition and makes them want to do business with you. We use what we call "The Marketing Formula" to magnetize all of your marketing materials (online videos, websites, social profiles, email broadcasts, direct mail pieces, tele-seminars, etc.).


We remember the marketing formula with the acronym GHEEMO:

G -Grab
H - Hook
E - Educate
E - Emote
M - Motivate To Engage
O - Irresisitble Offer


All of your marketing and advertising materials should follow this formula. It should start out by "Grabbing & Hooking" your prospects attention so that you reach the "hook point" (the point at which they’re ‘hooked’ and actually want to hear the rest of your message). When done properly, a good "Grab & Hook" opener stops your prospects in their tracks, changes their whole world and makes them focus entirely on your message.

Next, it should 'Educate' them thoroughly about your product/service. Educating them about how great your company is (awards that you’ve won, good ratings with the BBB, customer testimonials, etc.). Explaining to them how each feature benefits them directly. How you’re better than any of your competitors. Even explaining what your competitors are offering and their pricing! Above all else, the education instills confidence and builds credibility with them.


Throughout, your marekting should 'Emote' or instill emotion into them. This means that it should CONNECT with them and make them FEEL something. This could be with words, pictures, videos, audio, etc. Your target emotion is whichever one that will get prospects to take action most effectively. This is the essence of branding; to get potential and existing customers to have an emotional connection to your marketing and your company.


Next after that, it should ‘Motivate’ them to take action by engaging with you in some way. You leverage the emotion that you instilled in them earlier and get them to ‘Don’t procrastinate any longer. Act now’, ‘Get a flatter tummy now’, ‘Download the eBook now’, ‘Get Instant Access Now’, ‘Claim Your Prize today’, ‘Start getting a better night’s sleep today’, 'Stop being a broke joke. Start growing RICH today', etc.


Finally, it should provide them with an ‘Offer’. Yet not just any offer. We call it an "Irresistible Offer". This consists of 2 to 3 offers, bundled together, that have a high perceived value yet low fulfillment cost. An offer so irresistible that they get up from where they're sitting and make the call, fill out a form on your Lead Conversion Page, order from your web site, opt-in on your sign up page, fax in the order form, etc.

Your now ‘magnetized messages’ stick in your prospect’s mind maintaining your TOMA (TOMA, or Top Of the Mind Awareness, means that when a prospect thinks of buying what you sell, they’ll instantly think of you). You have now become the lead company in your prospective customer's mind that all other companies have to beat!


And remember your competitors are still caught up in the 'Carbon Copy Scenario', so this causes your business to stand out even more! If your marketing is magentized consistently, you may not get ALL of the business, yet you'll definitely win the lion's share of the business.


So you now have a compelling case built for your business, that separates you from your competition, makes you stand out from the crowd (say goodbye to the ‘carbon copy scenario’) and makes you the obvious choice to do business with. Your prospects now draw this simple conclusion “I’d have to be an absolute fool to do business with anyone else except you…regardless of price”.

And this is why we leverage the ‘Magnetize Your Marketing’ method to turbocharge all of your marketing to OPTIMIZE your lead generation and conversion results.


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