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Do you just have a burning desire to take your company to the next level? Many business owners, after years of running moderately successful companies, wake up one day yearning to 'kick it up a notch'. They try different strategies, buy more advertising, run more and bigger ads and even hire more people. Yet they just aren't able to get the results that they want.

Soical Media Top Team is expert in helping you grow your business, and your income, to the next level. Whether you want to take your business to the point of hypergrowth where you open up multiple locations, sell your services nationwide or globally or just simply want to grow your income from six figures to seven or seven figures to more, were expert at that. Unlike other companies that only offer one solution (or one tool), we have many solutions to choose from to help you accomplish your goals. This means you get custom solutions to help you accomplish exactly what you want.

Our solution - The Next Level System is a proven business building system consisting of 6 powerful stages that are implemented into your business. The product of over 20 years of working with successful small businesses and independent professionals.

Whether you want to take your business to the point of hypergrowth where you open up multiple locations, sell your services/products nationwide or globally, increase your company’s revenues exponentially or just simply make a personal income jump from six figures to seven or seven figures to more, The Next Level System is designed to help you accomplish just that.

Whose Fault Is It When Your Business Doesn't Grow?

Now you can have one of America's most respected consulting/coaching firms, Social Media Top Team - the name you can trust, actually guide you along the business growth path for a fraction of the investment of what others have paid to get this same expert advice, coaching and consulting.

The Next Level System is comprised of 6 powerful stages that are implemented into your business that make up the most complete small business building system ever created. Each stage thoroughly solves the various challenges that your business faces when trying to grow to the next level.


The Ultimate Business Building System Includes 6 Stages in all:

Stage 1 – Lead Generators

One of the things that’s necessary for hypergrowing your business is having a consistent flow of QUALIFIED LEADS. In this stage, we get your advertising and marketing to produce stunning amounts of high quality, qualified leads. We research your industry and determine the most effective lead generating strategies for your business.

In this stage, we design your lead generation strategy which can include: Video SEO, Website SEO/SEM, social media marketing, eMail Blasting, SMART Direct Mail Marketing, telemarketing, blogs & articles, Press Releases, internet ads, voice broadcasting, mobile advertising, joint ventures, networking, referrals, Radio & TV advertising and more.

Stage 2 – Conversion Tools

Modern consumers want information. And lots of it. Yet they want it their way and on their terms. Your marketing must educate your clients and really show them how you have what they need. How you uniquely solve their problem or satisfy their needs. It should connect with them, instill confidence and build credibility with them nonstop until they ultimately buy from you.

In this stage, your business has specially designed marketing tools built for it including: making your web site into a powerful client conversion machine, internet video marketing, social media marketing, eMail Newsletter Marketing, Marketing Automation, blogs, podcasts, articles,  tele-seminars, Branding & Public Relations programs and more.

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Stage 3 – Sales Systems

What good is having a torrent of qualified, highly interested prospective customers if you don’t have the sales systems in place to convert them into actual customers? Sales conversion is one of the most important ratios to address in your business. Without implementing strategies to consistently improve your company’s sales conversion ratios, you literally hand over new customers to your competition.

In this stage, we address and improve your: online sales strategy (if you’re company’s sales process is entirely online), sales presentations, your sales scripts, even train your sales reps (if needed), provide you with actual sales reps if needed, modify your web site if necessary to support your sales team, design powerful sales closing tools, set up automated sales follow-up systems (which so few companies employ properly if at all) and more.


Experts Prove Two Out Of Three Business Owners Can Have More Profitable Companies In 90 Days

Stage 4 – Fulfillment Systems

Many companies don’t realize how important the fulfillment stage is. This is where your clients actually get your deliverable (product or service). This allows for a powerful branding opportunity when done correctly. This is the stage where customers decide both if they made a wise decision and will buy from you again as well as if they’re going to refer others to you.

In this stage, your business’s entire fulfillment process is optimized to maximize client satisfaction and to powerfully promote your brand.

Stage 5 – M.O.M. (Maximize, Optimize & Monetize) Strategies

You’d be amazed how many companies drop the ball right after they’ve fulfilled a customer’s order. They have nothing in place to generate more revenue from the same customer. Most companies spend 70 cents of every dollar on new customer acquisition and only 8 cents on customer retention. This is one of the most important stages in growing your company to the next level.

In this stage, we build your entire M.O.M. strategy including: perpetual selling strategies, joint ventures, referral systems, cross sells, upsells and more.

Stage 6 – Hypergrowth Strategies

This is the ultimate goal for your business. Whether your goal is to exponentially grow your sales or global expansion, you must have a solid plan in place to get you there. You must know where you want to take your company BEFORE you start growing your company.

In this stage, we develop your business for hypergrowth so that you can accomplish any one of the following: exponentially grow your sales, open multiple locations, sell nationwide/globally, license your business or even franchising your business.

To grow your business, and your income, to the next level, you must employ time-tested business proven strategies combined with “The New Rules Of Marketing & Sales” to get the results that you want. Because the rules have changed! This means growing your business by leveraging the internet, technology, automation and outsourcing. We take your business through a Transformative Process called “The Next Level System”. Which builds for your business a superior marketing vehicle and then runs it at maximum velocity.


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