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Social Media Top Team believes that outsourcing should not only benefit Fortune 500 companies. Our goal is to make outsourcing profitable AND affordable to all businesses regardless of size. Our clients say that we’ve succeeded. We help businesses increase revenues and productivity, lower their expenses while creating opportunities for good, honest hardworking people.

As a result, our clients are now growing their businesses and hiring more U.S. based employees. We specialize in getting you the very best in outsourced talent for the most affordable price possible. You’ll be greatly surprised to discover that your business can run more efficiently, more effectively and, most importantly, more profitably by leveraging PowerSourcing with Social Media Top Team.

How Do We Do It?

We provide offshore business process outsourcing services through our affiliate outsourcing center in the Philippines. Because there’s so much local talent available, we prescreen and select our reps very carefully. Our Virtual Employees have to pass strict criteria for us to hire them. They must have very good English, pass a background check, have experience, and be very reliable.

We chose the Philippines as our target destination for our services for several reasons:

1. Their culture is very close to our own. In fact, their constitution was influenced by ours and there’s a picture of the US flag on their currency.

2. Because of the good quality of English spoken in the Philippines. Did you know that the Philippines is the 3rd largest English speaking country in the world by population?

3. Philippino workers take a lot of pride in their positions. Not like some other employees who waltz into the office with an air of entitlement, speaking to friends on the phone and surfing the internet when they’re supposed to be working.

All of our agents are experienced in many of the positions that you need filled and have knowledge of computers and Windows programs. Often times, many have a college education.

The Biggest Problems You’ll Have With Most Outsourcing Companies…
And How Social Media Top Team Overcomes Them All

1) We’re Located In The United States: There are many scam companies operating in foreign countries. Especially third world countries like India and the Philippines. BEWARE! They are not located on US soil. So they are not regulated nor do they abide by US law. Regardless of what they may say, you have no recourse against them if they “take your money and run”.

2) We’re American Managed: Many outsourcing companies are managed by Non-Americans. This situation poses unique challenges because many Non-Americans aren’t familiar or experienced with our business culture and expectations. There’s a very large disconnect in the Philippines between what English speaking countries desire and from what many "call centers" provide. Also, management styles vary widely by country and what’s acceptable to them may not be acceptable to us.

Many call centers simply hire anyone that speaks English and then put them on the phone. Ignoring the inner-personal relationship skills that an agent must have to be able to identify with the culture of United States, European and Australian mentality.

Working with an American company whose managers actually live in the country where they’re working, is almost impossible to find in the outsourcing industry. This is a huge advantage of working with Social Media Top Team. We solve the problem by having managers in the Philippines who have experience running American call centers, performing business to business sales and more. We understand the needs of our English speaking clientele and work hard to get you the very best in what you’re looking for.

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Our Virtual Employee Screening Test Is So Stringent That 71% Of Applicants Flunk The First Time. And 54% Never Pass
(Guess Who You’re Getting When You Hire Virtual Employees From Our Competitors)

3) We Have The English Advantage: You’ve probably been on the phone, at least once, with a customer service agent that can barely speak English. It’s a struggle to keep from biting your lip from frustration. Few things are as annoying. This is why we only look for people that speak an ABOVE AVERAGE level of English, sometimes to the point where you can’t even tell that they’re in the Philippines. Having a management team from the United States means that we understand what’s acceptable and what’s not acceptable to you and your customers.

4) Our Zero Tolerance Policy: Our Virtual Employees have to pass very strict criteria for us to hire them. They must have very good English, pass a background check, have experience, and be very reliable. On average, only 1 interviewee in 70 gets hired by our company. We choose only the best to work for you. If ever there are any discrepancies with their reliability, they are instantly fired and replaced at no additional cost to you.



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5) The Price & The Policy: Local Call Centers charge an astronomical amount. They charge anywhere from $2,000 - 4,000 per month for the same service. In addition, they lock you into contracts and charge pricey set up fees. With Social Media Top Team, we beat their prices by more than 75%! And with us, you can cancel at any time. Also, try calling any call center in America and you’ll find a lot of people that don’t want their jobs. So their performance usually isn’t very good. As a result, they don’t deliver good results. Not so with Social Media Top Team. Philippino workers take a lot of pride in their positions and are happy to have their jobs. So our Virtual Employees' performance is much better.


Need Full Or Part Time Employees…FAST?

6) Fast Start-up Time: Once you make the decision to hire a Social media Top Team Virtual Employee, they can start working for you within 7 to 10 business days of you notifying us of your decision. If you ever need more Virtual Employees to start sooner than the standard time frame, we can arrange that as well. Our outsourcing solution is custom tailored to your unique needs.

These are just a few of the reasons that set Social Media Top Team apart from the rest in the virtual office industry and why we have such a great reputation with our clients.

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