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How A New Kind Of Twitter & Niche Social Networking Sites Strategy Can Improve Your Lead Generation In Just 30 Minutes Per Daysales

1,000s of companies rush online every month with a desire to make more money by leveraging social media. So they sign up for facebook pages, Linkedin, etc. Some spend thousands of dollars on ads, sponsored posts, Inmail and more and get mixed results. Many conclude that these BIG NAME sites don’t live up to their hype.

Part of the reason, is because facebook and Linkedin are very BIG and popular now and have VERY restrictive policies on reaching out and connecting with people that you don’t already know (they weren’t this way years ago). Think about it, isn’t the whole point of social networking to MEET PEOPLE YOU DON’T ALREADY KNOW? That’s how you find new customers, colleagues, affiliates and even joint ventures. This is really the whole point of social networking for business.


NOTE - We don’t include twitter on the same list as the others because even though they too have very restrictive policies on reaching out to meet new people, they still allow it on a small scale.


This is why many smart business owners have figured out to leverage smaller, less well known social networking sites to connect with people on. Many businesses have found that they get much better results on these smaller, more highly targeted sites.

For example, if you sell children’s products, there are niche social sites just for moms. Target Asian women? There’s a niche site for that. Provide services and/or products to the LGBT community? There’s a niche site for that as well. You’ll definitely get a much better response focusing your efforts on these sites than on Facebook. And you’ll invest a lot less!

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There IS one catch though. As you many have guessed, it is VERY TIME CONSUMING to ‘work’ all of these niche sites. Wouldn’t it be great to just:

1. Know which niche sites are best for your business to be on?

2. Be able to reach out to people on those niche social networking sites to connect with them and convert them into customers, colleagues, affiliates and even joint ventures on a consistent basis?

3. Not to have to invest an hour or more every day ‘working’ these sites and instead just be able to focus on ‘closing’ the leads generated from these sites?

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The Best Social Media Lead Generation Strategy For You To Get More Customers

Well that’s exactly what Social Media Top Team’s Twitter & niche social networking sites marketing solution is! We use organic methods of generating 1,000s of highly targeted leads from these sites that are ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Here’s what You get:

1. Niche Social Site Research And Selection – Top Team helps you by researching the 1,000s of niche social networking sites on the web and helps you determine which ones will get you the BEST Results and are worth launching your lead generation campaigns on. We wrote the book on it! Get your copy by Clicking here

2. Twitter & Niche Social Site Outbound –
Social Media Top Team then employs our time tested, business proven series of unique strategies to get highly targeted Twitter and niche social site members to connect with your profile, engage with you, then go to your blog, Lead Conversion Pages, or website and convert into your email newsletter software.

3. We handle everything for you! You do absolutely nothing other than ‘Close the Sales’!


From Optimizing your profile to Auto-Generate leads and using ‘Strategic Connecting’ to leveraging ‘Irresistible Online Conversation” to generate both clients, affiliates AND Joint Ventures; our clever, 'Results Getting', little known outbound strategies get you thousands of connections and even more customers. Offered nowhere else!

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So What’s The Investment?


With Social Media Top Team, we make it easy and cost effective for you to monetize Twitter & Niche Social Networking Sites. You get the BEST RESULTS from leveraging a combination of both.

For Twitter & Niche Social Networking Sites Marketing Outbound, it varies based on what strategies you want us to employ and for how much time each day. Yet for a basic 30 minute per day solution, packages start at just $175/month

Don’t put it off any longer, start generating HIGH Quality sales leads from your very own Twitter & Niche Social Networking Sites lead generation campaign starting today!



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