UNCONVENTIONAL Marketing Strategies - Do You Have A Customer Problem?

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Before becoming our clients, many business owners tell us…“The economy is bad. We’re not getting business like we used to. We have a customer problem.” We tell them “You don’t have a customer problem. You have a MARKETING PROBLEM.”

Think about it. Most businesses never even come close to gaining even 1% market share (for example, if the potential customer market in an area is 1 million potential customers, 1% would be 10,000 customers. Most businesses don’t even come close to this). So ask yourself…“Did people suddenly stop needing and buying what I sell?”

OF COURSE NOT! Even if a small portion did, there’s still a tremendous amount out there that are still buying what you sell. They’re just buying it from someone else!

Why Are They Buying From Someone Else?

It’s simple. Many business owners don’t know how to market their business properly. They either don’t have the time to learn how (and then do it) or they let advertising sales people make their decisions for them.

One of the keys to successfully marketing your business is consistency. You must consistently market your business to both your potential customers AND your existing customers. In our industry, it’s known as TOMA (T.op O.f the M.ind A.wareness).

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To give you some idea of what TOMA is, if you were to buy a pizza who would you buy it from? If you were to sell your house, who would you give the listing to? Whatever your answers are, those businesses have TOMA with you. The moment your potential customers think about buying what you sell, you want them to think of you in the same way.

The next key is to find effective ways of consistently “touching” your prospects month after month that will maintain TOMA with them. These are called follow-up systems. Follow up systems consist of: email newsletters, email broadcasting, auto responders (marketing automation), voice broadcasting, targeted telemarketing, fax blasting, direct mail and text message blasting. All of these systems are very inexpensive to employ yet are very effective in maintaining TOMA.

By consistently marketing your business to both your existing and potential customers through follow up systems, you’ll get the lion’s share of business. Leveraging technology, automation and outsourcing is the proverbial ‘stone’ that your small business can use to defeat the larger and more powerful Goliath.

Learn about our 'Email Newsletter Marketing' Services

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