UNCONVENTIONAL Marketing Strategies - Getting Beaten Up By Your Competition?

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The Best Defense Is A GREAT offense. Time To Take The Offensive…

One of our clients just started his business roughly one year ago. He complained that his competition had been around for a lot longer and people already knew their name and location. So this is why he wasn’t able to get more customers for his business.

We recommended that he shut down his office and get out of business immediately. Needless to say he was somewhat surprised. We explained to him that just because a business has been around for longer doesn’t mean that it is better. Just like in the story of David and Goliath, his business could overcome the bigger, older more established competitor. All he had to do was strike right at their weakest spot…their marketing.

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Realize that today’s consumer is exposed to over 3,000 advertisements each day, making it difficult for any business to rise above the “clutter” and be noticed. Prospective customers are living busier lifestyles and aren’t using traditional media like newspapers, yellow pages print directories and magazines as they did before.

The business marketplace has changed and what once worked isn’t working as well anymore. As a result, smart business owners are adapting by focusing their marketing on reaching their best prospects, the people who are most likely to buy from them.

Well a lot of the older companies are stuck in the past. Still placing ads in yellow page print directories, newspapers, coupon mailers, non-compelling direct mail pieces, radio, etc. in the hopes that as long as they “weather the storm”, their declining revenues will somehow bounce back. As you probably guessed, they’ll be waiting a long time. You have to reach modern customers in new ways to get good results.

It’s much smarter and more effective for you to leverage the INTERNET, TECHNOLOGY, AUTOMATION and OURTSOURCING to optimize your marketing efforts! You must utilize time-tested business proven strategies combined with the New Rules of Marketing and Sales to get the results that you want. Because the rules have changed!

This means using Video SEO, website search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, email marketing and other forms of internet marketing while leveraging conventional mediums such as Radio advertising, unconventional direct mail campaigns, billboard advertising, voice broadcasting and mobile advertising (text message advertising) into your marketing campaign. Doing so will increase your marketing results not merely exponentially rather geometrically.


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