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how to use outsourcing

Many of our clients have hired employees in house and have played the “Employee Game”. You’re not familiar with the “Employee Game”? Well here’s how it works. Your company’s finally starting to make some money and you realize that you’re wearing too many hats. So you determine that it’s time to hire other people to work in your business to free up your time so that you can focus on growing the business. Ideally the people that you hire are committed to your dream of your business. Ideally they will stay, improve and grow with your business as your business grows. Ideally, they become part of a coherent team that you can count on as you grow your company.

Ah…the world of the ideal. Well in the world of the “Real”, here’s what oftentimes happens. You hire people to work for your company. Yet you may not be in a position to pay top dollar to hire and retain the best candidates. So you wind up getting employees who are not the best and initially are happy to get the job. Yet as they gain experience working for you, as they acquire more licenses and certifications while working for you….they continue to circulate their resume and keep their “options open”.

So now, things are starting to run very smoothly with your business. You feel as though you have people that you can count on to do their jobs. Their jobs are not very important positions overall yet they are necessary. You’re finally able to focus on growing your company the way that you’d like to. Suddenly, out of nowhere, one of your employees gives you their two week notice.

“What! Why! I invested so much into you! I was really counting on you! Now I have to go through the hassle of interviewing, hiring and training a new person all over again!” you think to yourself. Next, another one of your employees just up and quits without any notice! There is no one else who can step in and do their job. Well guess who winds up having to fill in? You guessed it…you.

Now at the worst possible time, you’ve experienced a major set back. You feel the strain. It shows at home and in the workplace. You weather the storm and hire new employees yet the cycle repeats itself. For many business owners, they simply give up the idea of dealing with employees and growing their business. They decide to stay small and ultimately give up their initial dream of what their business could be. Instead they content themselves with what it has become.

Well, there is a solution that many companies of all sizes have been taking advantage of…Outsourcing. Why? Outsourcing certain jobs can provide a PERMANENT SOLUTION for your business. Not just for Fortune 1,000 companies yet for the everyday small business owner as well. Now of course all jobs are not suited to be outsourced yet many of the technical, repetitive or even low skilled jobs usually are ideally suited for outsourcing.

Lastly, a good outsourcing firm provides not just outsourcing services yet also permanent staffing solutions. This means the “Employee Game” is virtually eliminated. In addition, you have the added benefits of enjoying a tremendous cost savings, elimination of personal and business liability, stabilization of your human resources expenses, a significant increase and stabilization of productivity and finally freeing up your time once again to focus on growing your company to the next level.


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