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94% Of All Web Sites Don't Generate Enough Sales Leads To Even Pay For Themselves!

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All you see on the internet is one website after another that does nothing more than simply take up cyberspace. One website is pretty yet doesn't really engage you, another one is kind of bland and seems too boring to even read and yet another looks like they might have built it themselves (and not done a very good job at it). The end result is the same, you simply click 'back' in  your browser and go on to the next company's website.

Your website is one of the first things that your prospective clients look at when determining whether or not to move forward with you. Research now shows that sales leads actually go to your website FIRST before they ever even call you!

The Most Common Website Design Mistake
(You’re Probably Making It Now)

Many companies still operate under the old wisdom that a website is nothing more than an online brochure. Nothing could be more wrong. It's crucial that you have a quality, High Conversion website that will Grab & Hold, Educate, Emote, Motivate and make an irresistible Offer to your prospects to move forward in your sales and marketing process (from our ‘Magnetize Your Marketing’ copywriting system). Yet where do you start?

9 out of 10 web design companies either don't have the skill or just don't care if your website actually makes you any money. Web designers get paid to just "build" your website - they don't know how to motivate your prospective customers to buy from you.


The 7 Biggest Mistakes That Cause Business Owners Not To Make Money From Their Website

1) They lack proper branding. They have no logo, their company name isn’t prominently displayed and they lack an effective tag line. They also have a poor site layout and color scheme.

2) They fail ‘The 9 Second Rule’. You have just 9 seconds to grab a site visitor’s interest before they go to another site. As a result, their sales leads go to other sites.

3) No clearly defined conversion strategy or tools. Site visitors aren’t guided to do anything, so they simply leave. Also, they have NO WAY of knowing who visits their website and on which pages. With SEO, you never know on which page someone first comes into contact with your website...it isn't always your home page! Your conversion strategy MUST address this!

4) No MTA (Motivate To Act) strategy. They have no links and buttons that motivate site visitors to take immediate action.

5) “Above The Fold’ is not addressed. The most important information is often positioned too low on the page.

6) The copy on their website doesn’t connect with their prospects, it’s non-compelling and doesn’t press prospect 'Hot Buttons' to motivate them to take any action.

7) Their site is NOT effectively leveraged into their social media and email marketing strategy.


The BIGGEST PROBLEMS You’ll Have With Website Lead Conversion And How Social Media Top Team Overcomes Them All


Here’s why Los Angeles based Social Media Top Team’s website’s Are BETTER and get you the results that you want:

1) We have over 30 years experience in graphic design and 18 years experience designing web sites with expertise in all the latest software and programming languages.

2) We are the recognized experts in building websites that: MAKE MONEY for your business through conversion & selling; Empowers Your Sales Team to close more deals & Generates High Quality Sales Leads.

3) Our sites feature POWERFUL Branding and professional web design! Your company name, logo, and tag line are strategically made part of the colorful, cutting edge creative design to ensure site visitors remember your marketing & sales message. Website design with imapct!

4) All of our web sites include a Powerful Conversion Strategy & Tools to convert site visitors in LESS THAN 9 Seconds! No matter which page they land on first! Tools include Ultra Mega Irresistible Offers, Conversion Billboards & Sidebars, MTAs and Conversion Buttons. Now no matter what page a site visitor comes into your website on, they get converted into your email software!

5) We leverage our exclusive Ultra Mega Irresistible Offer (U.M.I.O.) strategy with ALL of our sites. This consists of 2-3 gifts, that people would actually pay money for, bundled together. Can be books, ebooks, whitepapers, videos, tickets to a workshop, etc.

6) We use a PROVEN ‘Motivate To Act’ (MTA) strategy. A well crafted MTA gives your prospects 3 things: What they want; how they want it; when they want it. 2 MTAs above ‘the fold’ and 1 beneath it.

7) We use a proprietary Copyrighting system, ‘Magnetize Your Marketing’, that instills the ‘3Cs’ and presses the prospects ‘Hot Buttons’ to get them to take immediate action.

8) Our websites feature smooth integration of both Social Media AND Email Marketing to maximize your lead generation and conversion results!


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Wondering How Our Websites Stack Up To Other Companies? Check it out…

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Of Course You’ve Heard Of Professional Website Design. But Have You Heard Of AFFORDABLE Professional Website Design?

So how much does an investment in a ‘Results Getting’ website for your business cost? Well…

A typical website with an Advertising Agency costs on average $15,000 - $20,000

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A typical website with a Web Design & Marketing Company costs on average $6,000

<See pricing for yourself>


A typical website with a Freelancer costs on average $1,500

<See pricing for yourself>


Now a typical website with Social Media Top Team starts on average at only $2,599

With Social Media Top Team, You Get Agency Caliber Work Yet Not At Agency Prices!

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<>Take a look at our website design portfolio<>

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