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The Social Media 360 System®

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Designed Specifically To Help Small Businesses Exponentially Increase Their Sales By Leveraging Social Media


Most social media companies speak only about ‘inbound marketing’. They actually claim that outbound marketing is obsolete! How cuteWink. The main reason why many of them say this is because their expertise is not, and NEVER was, in outbound marketing. And since they don’t offer outbound marketing services, why would they recommend it?

As your ‘business common sense’ tells you, to maximize your lead generation results, you must employ a ‘marketing blend’ of BOTH inbound AND outbound marketing strategies.

Just so we’re on the same page, in case you were wondering, here’s a quick explanation of inbound and outbound marketing:

Inbound Marketing involves creating and providing valuable content for your customers, promoting your remarkable content, building customer relationships, and overall “pulling” the customer toward you. Inbound Marketing strategies create brand awareness, improve Search Engine Optimization, create thought leadership, develop valuable customer relationships, establish credibility, and build trustworthy reputations. Inbound marketing works very well
(when designed and executed properly).

Outbound Marketing (also referred to as traditional marketing) is the marketing strategy where businesses locate customers through building their brand awareness, leveraging advertising (print, TV, radio, billboards), telemarketing, direct mail, etc.  Outbound Marketing reaches out and engages customers without asking their permission to do so. Outbound marketing works very well (when designed and executed properly).


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Ok now that that's been established, let's get to the million dollar question...

Your Marketing Blend


As you can see from the chart above, your business’s marketing blend must have the ‘Perfect Balance’ of BOTH inbound AND outbound marketing to maximize and optimize your sales results. This is the first part of the strategy that we address in ‘The Social Media 360 System’ (there are 2 parts total).

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After first perfecting the ‘Marketing Blend’ that performs best for your business, we move on to the final part of ‘The Social Media 360 System’….Your business’s Revenue Channel’.


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Your business’s ‘Revenue Channel’ exponentially increases your sales…

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