"You Close The Sales. We'll Generate The Leads"

The Social Media 360 Systemģ

Your Complete Social Media Marketing Solution

Remember the old sales and marketing funnels?

  • Notice how all of the funnels get narrower at the bottom? Right when we start to make money! It should be getting bigger not smaller right?

  • And 'Raving Fans' should not be your goal. Itís time for a fundamental paradigm shift!


Your Revenue Channel

What is a Revenue Channel? Well just like water in a powerful river flows into a narrow channel, speeds up once inside the channel and then explodes out on the other side, so does your Revenue Channel do the exact same thing with your lead flow. It starts out big at the top to generate/attract the maximum number of sales leads. It then gets narrower in the middle to speed up the relationship nurturing and sales conversion process as prospects travel through it (this is where social media and email marketing really come into their own). And finally explodes and gets even bigger at the bottom.

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Why Does Your Revenue Channel Get Bigger At The Bottom You Ask?

Because while you do make money in the middle, you make A LOT MORE MONEY at the bottom of the Revenue Channel. Understand 'the old rules' would simply convert a customer and then move on to try and convert the next one. There were no systems in place to to maximize results. That's why the funnel always got narrower at the bottom. Yet it's always much easier to generate REPEAT SALES and CROSS SELLS from existing customers than from first time NEW customers.

Hundreds Of Businesses Now Profit Who Never Thought They Could!

In other words, your conversion strategy has to include effective Perpetual Selling Strategies & Referral Programs (we help you design these) at the bottom of your Revenue Channel to maximize and optimize your results.† So in additon to signing up 'new customers', it's much more profitable to then get these now 'existing customers' to make repeat purchases throughout the year and send you referral business.

The Net Result? Your sales team enjoys a consistent deluge of high quality, warm sales leads that convert to customers very quickly. And these customers go on to make frequent repeat purchases as well as refer a steady stream of NEW referral customers.† Repeat purchases and referral customers are what you want. Not RAVING Fans!

There Are Over 5,350 Social Media Companies Within The U.S.
That Business Owners Could Use To Market Their Businesses...But Only One Of Them Was Specifically
Designed and Equipped To Cater To The Unique Needs Of
Small Business Owners

As you can now see, 'The Social Media 360 System' is designed specifically to fuel Exponential Sales Growth for Your Business. PERIOD. Our system is POWERFUL because regardless of the size of your company, or budget, it produces consistent MEASURABLE Results.

And this is why
'The Social Media 360 System' is the Best Social Media Strategy For Growing Your Business.

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