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Our Youtube Video SEO Marketing Solution Gets You ThatÖAnd More!

If you want more clients, customers and leads (traffic) for your business, then you definitely want to leverage the amazing lead generation opportunity that Youtube offers. Not only is Youtube owned by Google yet itís also the 2nd most popular search engine on planet earth after Google! More people use Youtube to find answers than they do with both Yahoo or Bing!

Online videos are, and will continue to be, a major part of effective online marketing. A study performed by Forrester Research found that web videos were 53 times more likely to get ranked on page 1 of Google than traditional web pages! It also showed that when potential customers watch online videos from a business, they are 5 times more likely to buy that businessís product or services. PLUS, Youtube videos are PROVEN to increase traffic to your website by on average over 150%!

Since Google owns Youtube, it gives preferential treatment to Youtube videos. So many times, when we rank your video in Youtube and Google Video, it also ranks in Google search results as well! What this means is that you get on average 7 powerful traffic (lead) sources just by getting your video to rank high in Youtube! What are the 7 traffic sources that we get you?

The 7 Traffic Sources That Your Youtube Video Can Get Ranked In:

  1. Youtube
  2. Google Video
  3. Google web search
  4. Yahoo Video
  5. Yahoo web search
  6. Bing Video
  7. Bing web search

This means you get promotion for your video and business in up to 7 of the most powerful search engines in existence! And all of this just by ranking your Youtube video. Now youíre beginning to understand how powerful Youtube video SEO marketing actually is!

Discover The Fortune That Lies Hidden In Video Marketing Your Business

Once we begin, we help you to determine which SEO keywords will get you the best results. This is important because you donít want to rank for keywords that none of your target marketing is searching for. The RIGHT SEO keywords make all of the difference in getting you the results that you want. Next, we optimize your video for top rankings in both Youtube and Google video.

See examples of Actual Rankings:


Upstaged Ė Home Staging and Interior Design (Home Improvement Consultant)
Look for 'Local Business Reviews' listing

Trilogy Roofing and Exteriors (Home Remodeling - Roofing & Siding Sales and Installation)
Look for 'Trilogy Siding and Roofing
' listing

Social Media Top Team (Marketing & Business Coaching) 5 page 1 rankings

David Ortiz Advisor (Financial Advisor & Insurance Sales)

Google Video:

Upstaged Ė Home Staging and Interior Design (Home Improvement Consultant)
Look for 'Local Business Reviews' listing

Trilogy Roofing and Exteriors (Home Remodeling - Roofing & Siding Sales and Installation) Look for 'Trilogy Siding and Roofing' listing

Social Media Top Team (Marketing & Business Coaching) 5 page 1 rankings

David Ortiz Advisor (Financial Advisor & Insurance Sales)

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Social Media Top Teamís proprietary Youtube Video SEO Ranking Strategy includes:

  • Writing a 500 word SEO keyword optimized article and uploading it into your video description

  • Optimizing your video title and description

youtube seo

  • Adding your video to a keyword optimized playlist

  • Linking your video to your website or lead conversion page

  • Strategically linking your video to high credibility and PageRanked websites

  • Strategically linking your video to other key videos in your industry to build authority and show a sense of community

  • Integration of your social media sites

  • Optimizing your for video for your target SEO keywords
  • Optimizing your video for local search rankings
  • SEO keyword optimizing your video transcript and uploading it into Youtube

  • Writing 3-9 SEO keyword optimized customer reviews to post in the comments of your video
  • Posting SEO keyword optimized comments underneath your video
  • Posting Ďlikesí on your video
  • Social sharing your video
  • Sharing your video on many social media platforms
  • Setting up video embeds on various video sharing sites for your video
  • Setting up web 2.0 websites and embedding your video on those websites
  • Setting up many social bookmarks for your video

This PROVEN strategy gets your video(s) on page 1 of Youtube and keeps it there!
Our strategy is so powerful and effective, that once your video ranks on page 1 in Youtube, and even Google video, it usually stays there for years!

Donít Have A Video Yet?

video production

If you donít have a lead generating video already we can produce one for you as well! We design your videos for MAXIMUM online lead generation results.

So How Much Is It?

Social Media Top Teamís experienced SEO Team ranks your video in Youtube, for a 1 time investment starting at only $299

* Very High competition keywords may need a custom quote or a more highly customized strategy. 95% of business owners donít target keywords like these.

Donít wait any longer, start getting new sales leads, clients and customers from Youtube, Google, Yahoo and Bing starting today!

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