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Question: True Or False?

eBooks, Reports & Whitepapers Are 3 Of The Fastest Ways To Convert More Online Customers...Without Spending A Lot Of Money.shocked man

Answer: TRUE!

Youíve already heard of eBooks, reports and white papers. These are some of the greatest marketing tools to further educate your prospects and existing clients about your businessís unique solutions. They also have a much greater perceived value than an article. This is why so many people sell them on Amazon. This is also why millions of people every year buy literally millions of eBooks, reports and download white papers.

Their appeal is that they provide sought after information (sought after by your prospective clients) in a condensed, and easy to read format. They present the Ďmeatí, not any Ďfluffí. At its core, they identify a business problem and provide a solution in an engaging easy to read format. Simply put, they help prospective clients make the decisions you want them to make.

Some Of The Best Conversion Tools To Leverage To Get More Clients

With well written eBooks, reports and white papers, you can give them to prospects in exchange for their email addresses, motivate prospective clients to contact you for more information or purchase your product or service and much more. Theyíre used to great effect to generate sales leads, establish yourself as an authority in your field and as a sales closing tool.

Unlike other companies that provide mediocre content for you to leverage in your marketing, with Social Media Top Teamís eBooks, reports and white papers writing services; you now have an excellent means of marketing your website, Greatly Increasing your conversions, of offering quality information on a given topic, of providing value to your clients and prospective customers, or even of simply adding a FAQ page to your website that is downloadable.

So How Much?

Social Media Top Teamís eBooks, reports and white papers writing services are as low as just $100 complete.

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