"You Close The Sales. We'll Generate The Leads"

Introducing eCourse Design…A Revolutionary NEW Tactic In LARGE VOLUME Internet Lead Generation And Conversion!

We know what you’re thinking, “Why should I have an eCourse designed for my interent and social media marketing?” The answer is simple…Teaching Sells! Ecourses can be anything from a simple, free auto-responder educational series to year-long, in-depth membership programs with live calls and personalized coaching. They could involve text, audio (podcasts), online video or a combination of the three. They are also an amazingly effective way to systematize your lead nurturing and conversion process.

Think about it, early stage prospects come to your website or Lead Conversion page, see your offer for your eCourse and sign up for it. Each week, they learn amazingly informative, highly personalized lessons directly from you. They get all of the answers they want and need to all of the questions that they have. They even get downloads and handouts from your free online eCourse.

Meanwhile, NONE of your competitors are offering eCourses. The Net Result? You separate yourself from the competition, stand out from the crowd and make yourself the obvious choice to do business with.

Your eCourse NEVER gets tired, has scheduling conflicts or takes days off. It’s there ready to teach, nurture leads and help to convert them into customers 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. It is systematized from start to finish and CAN BE COMPLETEY AUTOMATED.



Innovative eCourse Design Converts Prospective Customers "Faster Than Lightning"

A well-designed eCourse can give your prospective and existing customers incredibly useful content; a basis for your own community and deliver REAL VALUE to them. At anytime during the eCourse, ‘students’ are encouraged to contact you with their questions either by email or telephone. There are few methods quite as POWERFUL, effective or as convenient for converting large numbers of sales leads into customers than a well structured, well designed eCourse.

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Wondering what your eCourse could be about? It could be:

  • Courses that train people how to use a tool (i.e. some software, electronic device, etc.)
  • Courses that provide specialist knowledge (i.e. bookkeeping, starting up a nonprofit, improving the value of your home, digital photography, Get $10,000 in legal tax deductions, Asset Protection for small business owners, etc.)
  • Courses that teach a process (i.e. how to develop a loan package that gets funded, how to get the most out of your CRM software, etc.)
  • Courses that teach an activity (i.e. how to increase your reading speed, how to be more effective and relaxed at work, Yoga for Busy Executives, etc.)
  • Courses that show people how to do something for themselves (i.e. how to create your own tax shelter, how to get your ideal job, etc.)
  • Courses that provide access to multiple experts (i.e. provides them access to specialists in career counseling, provides them access to tax consultants or legal advisors, etc.)
  • Courses that are a mixture of all the above.

NOTE – At the conclusion of your eCourse, you can steer all ‘students’ into a webinar or an offline teleseminar.


Social Media Top Team designs your entire eCourse from start to finish. From strategy and design to actual set up and implementation. Whether you want a textual eCourse (‘How To’ Articles), audio eCourse (podcasts), online video eCourse or a combination of the three, you’re in good hands with Social Media Top Team.


So How Much?

Our eCourses start at just $349 complete. Now there’s absolutely no reason for you not to be leveraging the amazing CONVERSION POWER of eCourses into your marketing blend.


Don’t wait any longer, systematize and automate your lead nurturing and conversion starting today.

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