"You Close The Sales. We'll Generate The Leads"

social media top team logoOur Mission Statement

Social Media Top Team is one of the foremost respected consulting firms helping business owners grow their business to the next level by leveraging online video marketing, social media and unconventional marketing strategies. We make powerful business growth strategies accessible to thousands of business owners who otherwise would not have the knowledge to use them. Social Media Top Team provides a challenging and rewarding work environment as well as fair compensation to it's employees. We are passionate about creating RAVING FANS out of our clients by measuring our success based on their success.

Who We Are

With clients spanning across the nation as well as around the globe, our name has become synonymous with cutting edge expertise and timely intelligence. Though many of our clients know us for our business building experience and marketing expertise, we are quickly becoming known as the Premier Outsourcing Firm in the continental United States.

We help businesses increase revenues and productivity, lower their expenses while creating opportunities for good, honest hardworking people.

Why the name ĎSocial Media Top Teamí?

Itís well known in business that Corporate Top Teams are vital for any companyís sustained growth (see article by Entrepreneurship.org). As your company grows, you must formally establish your Top Team. This team should consist of people who can manage three significant roles: operational, executive, and leadership. Your Top Team members must be able to combine managing operations, serving on your executive team and helping you fulfill some of your leadership roles and responsibilities.

In order for your company to grow, the leader must focus on strategy and planning. An effective Top Team must be able to run the company day to day in order for you to be able to move out of operations and focus on strategy. However, you should also expect more than operational management from them. Your Top Team members must operate as a team and as leaders of growth.

We comprise a very important part of YOUR Top Team. Specifically your Social Media and High Performance Marketing arm. You can count on us to lead, execute and run the day to day operations in our arena, freeing you to focus on strategy and growing your business.


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