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Business Owners! Want To Increase Your Leads And Profits With Social Media Marketing?

FREE eCourse - Shows You 12 Social Media 'Secrets' Used By TOP Marketers To Generate 1,000s Of Customers From Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Lesser Known Social Sites!

What’s in the eCourse?

In this 3-part 3-day course, Social Media And Internet Marketing Experts walk you through how to REALLY make money with social media and to convert more internet leads into customers!

Each video lesson is around 60 minutes to complete. You can go back and reference any class whenever you like. (A $600 value)

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Expert Tips and Advice
You get expert tips, advice and actual examples of social media marketing campaigns that generate leads.

Step-by-Step Instruction
Includes step-by-step instructional videos so that you can easily follow along, designing your business's social media as you go.

Viral Marketing
Learn the latest viral marketing tactics to use in your business to get 1,000s of viral sales leads!

Handouts & Templates
You get ‘fill-in-the-blank’ handouts, marketing templates and other resources for each class!

The Social Networking Site Encyclopedia: Discover over 200 FREE social networking sites that have less competition and get you more customers! ($50 value)

Guerrilla Internet Marketing Book: Discover 60 Easy ‘Tricks’ used by TOP Marketers to Drive 1,000s Of Customer Leads To Your Website ($15 value)


“Hands down the BEST social media marketing training for small business owners that I've come across. I learned more from Social Media Top Team's free ecourse than I did at $2,500 social media seminars and workshops. This course should be standard training for all marketers and small business owners.”

Steven Bennet
CEO Business Institute